In writing the short story, Books, Beads and Baubles, I thought about the small town I live in and the people I know. They are a lot like the characters in the story. Helpful, friendly and willing to do anything for you. At first, to a newcomer, some of the citizens may seem ‘stand offish’. I’ve come to know that’s really just decent folks idea of keeping a respectful distance.Bb&b Cover-Latest Version #2

Until they get to know you.

Then it’s like you belong to a rather large family, and there’s a pecking order. The person who has lived in the area the longest and knows the history of the town best, is the person you go to for information. You learn who takes what to social dinners. You’d never take a potato salad that’s better than the one Mrs. Cuddlepot has been bringing for longer than anyone can remember.

And that’s okay. Life does have It’s perks. You just have to find where you fit in, like Bertie and Wanda did with their Books, Beads and Baubles thrift store. To learn more about their store, click the link below.

Find on Amazon

Have a great day and put God first in your plans,


2 thoughts on “Cozy Town

  1. Carolina

    Hey I just read this today it was a sweet read I hope to see another book featuring the twins and their store but maybe just a touch longer! I like the coffee break length angle though 🙂


    1. countrythings Post author

      Thank you Carolina, I’m so pleased that you liked my story! 🙂
      I’ve written so many short stories that I decided to use the ‘Coffee Break’ theme for them.
      I write ‘shorties’ as a break from the novel I’m writing, when I need to refresh my brain. 🙂



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