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Uh-huh . . . I say

Country life is good, and so’s finding the perfect Oklahoma watermelon!


I drove twelve miles to church this morning. I was almost there before a big white, ‘good ol’ boy’ pickup roared past me. The driver nodded and flicked  his thumb in the air. On friendly country roads, that’s saying, “Have a good’un ma-am.”

I moved to my current home from one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. That’s Weatherford, Tex., just outside  the  bustling city of Fort Worth, where the traffic is horrendous. But Fort Worth and Weatherford remain two of my favorite places. I have many friends in the area and it’s always fun to go back and spend time with them. I like to shop the Fort Worth stores and visit the city when it’s all decked out for Christmas, and everything that’s not moving gets a Christmas light on it.

That’s good, but… 

Here in the country I may see as many as six or seven cars/trucks on my way to and from church. But any more than that and I start talking to myself,  “What’s with all this traffic? “What’s going on? Where’s all these people coming from…?”

That’s when I smile and remember the city. In my neighborhood, a dozen cars constitutes a traffic jam… I  may exaggerate a little, but everything is relative…

Uh-huh, good is easy to get used to. 🙂

Keep God in your schedule, it’s a good thing to do! 🙂   MaryJ signing off with a 🙂

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