Welcome! You’ve found my writing place.

When I was a kid one of my favorite things was crawling around in a tall barn stacked almost to the top with peanut hay. While I read, perched in the very highest place, I picked and munched on the peanuts buried in the hay within my reach; that’s where I really learned to love the printed word. Snuggled into my nest of hay, I devoured the Nancy Drew Mysteries— umm, umm, good!

The first book I remember reading was a Dick and Jane first grade reader. It was as exciting as any book I’ve read since. I loved that little book. I don’t know if I loved Dick And Jane because I was born loving books, or if I’ve loved books all my life because of that first Dick and Jane reader.

I married my high school sweetheart, Myron Hicks. I was in high school, but he was attending the University of Oklahoma. We had forty-seven short years together before he died with heart disease. We loved, argued, loved, argued, or maybe discussed is a better word. We discussed everything as we built our life together with our two children, Greg and Gayle.

We loved and argued... no, we 'discussed' everything.

When we were young…

No one else had any more influence on my life than Myron did. I came from a large family; I’m still very close with my sisters and brothers. I’d fight tigers for any one of them. But when you grow up in a crowd—well, you know what happens in a crowd. It’s easy to feel invisible. Myron believed in me. He made me visible, he thought I could do anything that I wanted to, and he supported my efforts to a fault.

I write today because it’s something I enjoy doing, and I remember that my sweetheart thought I could do anything if I wanted to. I hope I do some justice to his belief in me with my writing.

I live in the country, a rural area with farmland all around, much the same as when I was growing up. My home is about four miles from the wooded land I roamed and explored as a child.  I find the quiet, country life compatible to my writing habit.  A professional photographer, retired, I shoot only for fun these days. I often use my own paintings or photography to create my book covers.

Many years later . . .

Have a great day and put God first in your plans.



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    1. countrythings Post author

      Thank you roughwighting, so glad you stopped by! I enjoyed browsing your site also. Isn’t it fun to connect with others of like-mind yet so many miles apart. I enjoyed hearing about where you live.:-)



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