AUTUMN… what’s in a season?

The middle of September brings the first  whisper of change in the air, and days later a hint of gold begins spreading across the valley. The smell carried on the breeze voluntarily lifts my face ( like a hound dog on a moonlit night ). I know that scent; it’s one I can’t identify with words.

But my soul needs no words—it’s just Fall. Fall arrives softly, easing out the hot days of summer and staying just long enough to usher in the wonders of winter.

I wait all year for the brief flash of color, the smell of nature changing, and the raucous caws of the black crows celebrating gathering time of the peanuts and pecans. Fall is my time of the year. The change in the air renews me. It makes me want to drag on my boots and walk in the woods and explore  old barns like the one in the photo.

dsc_8045-version-2 I wonder at the stories these tumble-down structures could tell, and I try to picture when it was brand new.  I imagine the pride of the new owner…


In the photo below, the old bent tree used to have a rope swing that my children idled away happy hours on. The barn-shed, in the far back of the photo, heard its share of laughter and play during those summer visits to Me-Maw’s house. If old buildings could talk, this one could probably tell of serious conversations about crops and whispered secrets…

Do you have a favorite season of the year that speaks to you more than the others? Do you wonder why? I wonder about it every fall, but I can never put into words the way it makes me feel. I simply take pleasure in autumn’s short visit, and I give thanks that I was here to  greet her.

Till next time, Keep God in your plans, and enjoy the season! It’s Mary signing off in🙂🙂


Uh-huh . . . I say

Country life is good, and so’s finding the perfect Oklahoma watermelon!


I drove twelve miles to church this morning. I was almost there before a big white, ‘good ol’ boy’ pickup roared past me. The driver nodded and flicked  his thumb in the air. On friendly country roads, that’s saying, “Have a good’un ma-am.”

I moved to my current home from one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. That’s Weatherford, Tex., just outside  the  bustling city of Fort Worth, where the traffic is horrendous. But Fort Worth and Weatherford remain two of my favorite places. I have many friends in the area and it’s always fun to go back and spend time with them. I like to shop the Fort Worth stores and visit the city when it’s all decked out for Christmas, and everything that’s not moving gets a Christmas light on it.

That’s good, but… 

Here in the country I may see as many as six or seven cars/trucks on my way to and from church. But any more than that and I start talking to myself,  “What’s with all this traffic? “What’s going on? Where’s all these people coming from…?”

That’s when I smile and remember the city. In my neighborhood, a dozen cars constitutes a traffic jam… I  may exaggerate a little, but everything is relative…

Uh-huh, good is easy to get used to.🙂

Keep God in your schedule, it’s a good thing to do!🙂   MaryJ signing off with a🙂

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Welcome July, happy 4th!

Hot, bright and sunnyIMG_1921

And good ole’ July gives us an extra couple of days of sunshine and heat to celebrate.🙂

I took pictures of the front patio and yard this morning while the grass is still green and the flowers still bloom—for they won’t last much longer as we head into the dead-dog-days of summer.

Have I said before how swiftly time seems to pass? That’s because I’m constantly reminded of the fact. So I bite my tongue and hold back the words—I’m ready for fall. I know better than, you know, wish my time away.

But I love fall and look forward to it—especially in 100 + weather! So I do yard work in the cool of the morning, then I’m free the rest of the day to settle into my comfy chair in the blessing of air-conditioned comfort to work on book three of the Valley Ridge series—and wait out the fleeting days of summer.

Book 1, Trespassing On His Heart and Book 2, Love’s Tender Heart are available. (Amazon )Free Book- LTH 5-21-16

How do you deal with the long hot days of summer?🙂

Blessings on you, keep cool and keep God in your plans!

Until next time—Mary signing off with🙂🙂🙂


Something new . . .

Finally, finally and finally!

Website Front Page -  5-19=2016

Love’s Tender Heart is available!

Free! ( link below )

When I set out to do something, it always takes longer than I plan for. This is my second novel and you’d think I’d know by now, but alas, not so. This second book proved it again.

In  two, two-year writing courses and numerous short stories, I’ve learned a couple of things about the craft of writing. But too, I’ve learned several personal things along the way.

Truths I’ve learned while writing:

  • To enjoy the journey.
  • Professional editing makes publishing way less painful!  ( RedAdept Editing, with manuscript evaluation by Mary Rosenblum )
  • With my writing schedule, family, friends and church still come first. I occasionally have to remind myself of that when I’m snuggled in my ‘writing chair’ lost in the story…
  • Time is precious. As the old saying goes, better make hay while the sun shines.

Love’s Tender Heart is FREE two days—May 21 and 22.

Download a copy—I hope you enjoy the read, and may I remind you how important Amazon reviews are to the author?  Pure gold … Thank you!🙂

Until next time, keep your heart tender, study God’s word.


FEBRUARY . . . a time of change?


January is the time of year one normally thinks of change, but for me it’s the month after. I don’t claim to be normal.

Don’t you love the promise of a green spring peeking through the brown winter grass in the photo?:-)

By the time February skids in, I’ve had time to accept that another year is behind me, I’ve paid my taxes, and I’m ready to stop lamenting how swiftly time is passing. Here in Oklahoma the wind has already started blowing. Whatever happened to March being ‘the windy’ month? On the winds of February come allergies, battered Walmart bags and in my case, a fresh crop of weed seeds blown from the big pasture across from me.

But all is not bad—I have things to be happy about. I finished the second book in my VALLEY RIDGE ROMANCE series. Book number one, TRESPASSING ON HIS HEART is available here. The second book, LOVES TENDER HEART  will soon be available on Amazon. In the second book many changes occur in the lives of Lauren and Jackson Montgomery—can you guess what some of them are?

I learned a hard lesson on editing your own writing with my first book. This time around I sent my manuscript off for editing by people who do that as their line of work.🙂

I just got my line edited manuscript back from RED ADEPT EDITING. And as my sister told someone, “She’s jumping-on-the-bed-happy with her edit.” Even though the pages are as red as the flag at a bull fight, I’m happy. Most of the suggested changes are minor, easy fixes that I’ll do and resubmit for the finishing polish, readying it for you, my readers.

The editor who was assigned to me is Angela McRae. After a phone consultation, part of the editing package I’d chosen, I felt as if I’d been to an extensive writers workshop. A business person myself for many years, I recognize good customer service when I receive it. In business I was a stickler for customer service above and beyond the expected. And that is the kind of service I have received from Red Adept Editing—and Angela McRae.

Many thanks to my friend, mystery writer, Danielle L. Davis, who recommended this great editing service.

Thanks to all who follow, read and otherwise share their time with me—time, the most precious gift we have to offer.🙂

Keep God first in your plans—until next time, signing off with a🙂









I know , I know. New beginning is redundant . . . but I like the way it reads, just bear with me.

I remember reading the futuristic sci-fi mysteries ( I read everything I could lay my hands on ) that belonged to my big brother Kenneth ( he was an avid reader ). And the year the story took place would be 2000 something. The date alone, 2000, made for scary fiction back then.

In 1957 talking about the year 2000 was something my young brain couldn’t even grasp. Wow, that was way into the future.

But here I sit, enjoying my habitual morning coffee, on the first day of the new year, 2016. And I feel like I’ve been catapulted from 1957 into 2016. It seems like  it happened that quickly!

On the first day of each new year, as a rule, in a melancholy mood, I sift through events and happenings of the year that’s just flown past. I experience pretty much the same emotions each year and in much the same order—they are as follows:

  • Wonder and awe at the swiftness of time.
  • A bittersweet sadness for times past.
  • The creeping in of yet unspoken goals.
  • A spark of excitement for what the new year may bring.

The last on my list, that spark of excitement, is the one I’m thankful for. I’m indeed grateful that I still get excited for the year ahead—whatever it might bring!

My wish for you, friends, family and readers, is that you, too, get excited for the year ahead. Set goals. Expect success and good results. Know that if—no, not if, but when things sometimes go wrong, you don’t  buckle under—you buckle up and push harder, or redirect—whichever is needed to keep you on track with your goals. From my home to yours, I wish you much success and good fortune in 2016!

Happy New Year!

Keep God first in your goals and plans, He’s on your side. Until next time—signing off with a🙂, Mare

Meet Winslow

IF you’ve read TRESPASSING ON HIS HEART, you already know about Winslow. He’s Lauren’s feisty, but well mannered side-kick. I thought it would be fun to show you a couple of photos of Winslow. He’s a real live person—uh, character.

And just as the story goes, Winslow was rescued from a cemetery. Only it was in Oklahoma, not New York City. My sister Ruthy and I were placing fresh flowers on our parents gravesite when he dragged his mangy little body to where we worked, ( we were busy and didn’t notice him at first ) and looked up at us as if he knew we wouldn’t turn him away—and we didn’t, we couldn’t.

An old box we had in the car made a good bed. We tucked one of our extra work shirts into the box and placed him on it. A flying trip to the vet in town was just enough time for him to steal our hearts. And that’s how it happened to Lauren, too. ( She’s one of the main characters in the book. )

In about two weeks, with medication and lots of TLC Winslow was a handsome, blue-eyed fellow. I couldn’t bear to show you what he looked like when we found him.

Here’s what he looks like today. In the first photo he’s in the sunroom, toy in his mouth, begging to go out—there’s squirrels out there!


 Smile, and keep God in your plans,  . . . He cares🙂



Never too young . . .

Haven’t we all heard how important a good cover is in attracting readers? The theory being that a person has to first notice the cover, or pick the book up before the thought of purchasing even enters their thoughts.

And haven’t we all heard how a picture is worth a thousand words? Or, to a writer, perhaps thousands of book sales. And that’s where a good cover comes in.

I received these photos in an email with the message that the young reader in the photo discovered a copy of Trespassing On His Heart on her great-grandmother’s coffee table. ( We won’t discuss the quality of the iPhone pic’s )

The cover image caught her eye—that’s good, right? What follows is the ideal scenario to a writer. Miss Baylee is our young bookworm with the inquiring mind—and while a picture is worth a thousand words, actions speak even louder than words. Watch.

The cover catches her eye . . . she reaches for the book. “May I?” she asks.IMG_0368


Baylee studies the cover image . . . will she peek inside for a closer look?


Hmm, she peeks, likes what she sees . . . and settles in for a satisfying read.

FullSizeRender 2

Hours and hours later . . . the smile tells the story. FullSizeRender 

I was informed that this photo shoot was not staged, it happened unexpectedly and the iPhone was handy. I added the ‘Hours and hours’ for effect.  :-)

Thank you Baylee—you made me smile!🙂🙂🙂



May you all have a wonderful day, and remember to keep God first in your plans—He knows what they are, and He cares.

Until next time—signing off with a🙂


Thank you, my friends!

My Kindle Scout campaign flew by in a hurry. I’m disappointed that Trespassing On His Heart wasn’t selected for publication . . . I believe Kindle Scout is a good program, and I would have liked working with them. But, in the big ocean of life, this was only a drop. I do appreciate the opportunity and the exposure that Kindle Scout gave me in the 30 day campaign. Front CoverI congratulate those who have been selected and those who will be selected in the future—write on!🙂

As the saying goes, ‘Live and learn’. It was a learning experience, and what is life all about if not pushing forward, growing and learning? May we never stop as long as we have life!

I believe the scripture, Romans 8:28, when it says that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

I love the Lord, therefore I’m qualified to know that whatever the reason for the way things transpire in my life, it is for my good. I also believe the comforting words that Thelma spoke to Lauren ( page 83, Trespassing on His Heart ). Our Lord, like a parent, says ‘no’ at times because He has something better, or more suited for me in the future.🙂

So, moving forward, Trespassing On His Heart will be available on Amazon in a few short days. I hope you enjoy the read, and if you do, watch for the sequel, Tender Is The Heart, which continues the journey of Lauren and Jackson.

Thanks again to all, till next time . . . and remember to keep God first in your plans. He’s the one in control!🙂