Cover angst…

Here’s an update on the cover for my story ‘THE ROSE ARBOR’. Playing around with colors and different fonts is fun, but it’s alsoThe Rose Arbor #2 time consuming—and who has enough time? 🙂 This latest version is probably the one I’ll use…maybe? You can help me decide which has the most bang. I bumped up the color, added a tag line and included the “Coffee Break’ alert. ( Short story coming up! )

‘Coffee Break’ is supposed to  signify that what you are about to read is short. Very short—can be read in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. 

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see several low ratings ( 2 and 3 stars ) for another one of my short stories on Amazon. Readers were  complaining about the length of ‘Coffee Break’ story, Books, Beads and Baubles. I said pleasantly, because those reviewers seemed to like my characters and the writing—just not the length.

Tell me what you think about this second version for the cover. 🙂


I started this post with, ‘I worked in the studio all day…’ but it so felt not like work that I just couldn’t let that stand. So instead of calling it work, I’ll call it what it is. Fun. A delightful day of pushing paint around. Laughing and talking with Ruthy, my sister. She paints too. We share a studio ( hide-out ).Ist version of The Rose Arbor

She finished a painting and so did I. Well, I’ve still got to tickle mine a bit more. I did a whimsical painting of a rose arbor. The illustration for the cover of  my short story, THE ROSE ARBOR. A humorous story of a farmer who has an old bull that’s causing problems to the farmer’s neighbors.

How does that have anything to do with a rose arbor, you ask? Trust me it figures in! 🙂

As soon as I tweak the cover a bit more, I’ll share the story. Here’s a look at the first version of a cover—I’ll do several more before I settle on the final one. I thought I liked the faded side…but don’t think so now. What ‘chew’ think? 🙂

Have a wonderful day, put God in your plans, things will go better,


Fortune Cookie Wisdom

I had lunch at my favorite oriental restaurant with my sister, Ruthy, and her husband, Jerry. After we’d enjoyed way too much of the good food, we each chose which fortune cookie we wanted from a small tray the server had placed on our table. This is serious decision-making.

There’s just three cookies on the plate. I take my time. Any, minnie, minie, moe… I reached for the one on the farthest side of the small tray. After making the hard decision of which one, we then take turns reading our fortunes out loud.

When I read mine, my lunch companions laughed and accused me of making it up. I had to show it to prove I hadn’t fudged on it!

Have you ever had anything more scientific than this to confirm your decision to be a writer? I loved it!!


Cozy Town

In writing the short story, Books, Beads and Baubles, I thought about the small town I live in and the people I know. They are a lot like the characters in the story. Helpful, friendly and willing to do anything for you. At first, to a newcomer, some of the citizens may seem ‘stand offish’. I’ve come to know that’s really just decent folks idea of keeping a respectful distance.Bb&b Cover-Latest Version #2

Until they get to know you.

Then it’s like you belong to a rather large family, and there’s a pecking order. The person who has lived in the area the longest and knows the history of the town best, is the person you go to for information. You learn who takes what to social dinners. You’d never take a potato salad that’s better than the one Mrs. Cuddlepot has been bringing for longer than anyone can remember.

And that’s okay. Life does have It’s perks. You just have to find where you fit in, like Bertie and Wanda did with their Books, Beads and Baubles thrift store. To learn more about their store, click the link below.

Find on Amazon

Have a great day and put God first in your plans,


The Tragedy of Malaysia Flight 370

Danielle Lenee Davis

I’ve been following the story of Malaysia Flight 370, like so many others. If you don’t know by now, they are now saying the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean and all lives were lost. First of all, if this is true, may all of those who were on board this flight rest in peace. For the families and friends of the passengers and crew, my condolences.

While the news correspondent on CNN spoke, they split the screen and showed video of the families trying to get away from the cameras as the families left the hotel. I was disgusted. People were taking pictures of these people in their grief. This is the most difficult time of their lives and the news cameras just had to get it on camera. I wanted to shout, “LEAVE THEM ALONE!” Have they gone too far? Yes.  I think so. I wanted…

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Bad book or bad review?

For the love of books.
For the love of books.


Reading a book may bring on a book review spontaneously. Spontaneously? Sure. If the book is good we can’t wait to talk about it, if it’s bad, boring or blah, we can’t wait to tell someone not to bother with reading it. That’s what a book review is all about.

Talking about the book!

Book reviews are important to the authors who’ve written them.  They live in hope of the masses falling in love with the words they’ve carefully crafted. The author hopes his or her story is the one that catches the interest of readers to such an extent that it becomes a household word. I believe in dreaming big.

Have you ever been with a group of friends and someone says, ‘I want to read such and such book, have any of you read it’? And one person  says, ‘Nah, my neighbor said not to bother, you won’t like it’!  The conversation moves on, and nine times out of ten everyone in that circle of friends may have a negative view of that book to pass along to the next group they gather with.

That’s a spontaneous book review.

When that happens in your circle of friends, ask questions. Find out why the neighbor didn’t like the book. Don’t automatically pass the bad review on. It could be that the book was a super great mystery or a delightful, entertaining romance, and the friends neighbor really prefers biographies.

That’s not a bad book, that’s a bad review.

In support of writers and literature everywhere, be fair, get the facts. A good honest review is still just one man’s opinion. A collection of honest opinions is good for all. It helps the reader make a more informed decision on which book to buy, and the author gets an idea of what the general public thinks about his or her writing.

Reading and writing…

Welcome! 🙂

Is there nothing better than reading a good book and then sharing it with a friend or another book person, or should that be another, ‘bookish’ person? The only other thing I can think of that might be better—no, for sure better— is writing your own exciting book and sharing it not only with your ‘bookish’  friends, but the whole world.

That would be fun. I’ve heard it said that If you dream at all,  dream big!

Have a great day and remember to put God first in your plans.


Mystery In the book store…

If I had to guess I’d say we all, admit it or not, like a little  mystery every now and then.  Books, Beads And Baubles is just that, a little mystery. Two sisters must put their heads together and catch the thief that’s taking books from the lower shelves of their used book store.

Click on link the link below to See this book and read a sample on Amazon: 

A Tale of Two People…

This story is about a young woman and a young man, both struggling with issues from their past. The difference is that the young woman, Lauren Ashby, an artist, is happy.  She’s  good at burying the unhappiness of her past, so good at it, that she can forget completely and go about her daily life happy and contented. To be disturbed only briefly, when an old memory surfaces for one reason or another, to confront her. Lauren is not aware of how her past affects her future.

She’s on the brink of finding out.

On the other hand, Jackson Montgomery, the young man, who owns the local art gallery, lives each day behind a carefully constructed facade of a normal, happy life. Unlike Lauren, Jackson is painfully aware of his past, and he knows his fragile facade is in danger of crumbling. Except for the people who will be hurt, he’s ready for the charade to be over.

If you are a writer too, then you know  how we writers come to love our characters. We want only the good for them, but sadly, like all of us,  they must suffer the consequences of things in this world that we sometimes have no control over.