Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

A Tale of Two People…

This story is about a young woman and a young man, both struggling with issues from their past. The difference is that the young woman, Lauren Ashby, an artist, is happy.  She’s  good at burying the unhappiness of her past, so good at it, that she can forget completely and go about her daily life happy and contented. To be disturbed only briefly, when an old memory surfaces for one reason or another, to confront her. Lauren is not aware of how her past affects her future.

She’s on the brink of finding out.

On the other hand, Jackson Montgomery, the young man, who owns the local art gallery, lives each day behind a carefully constructed facade of a normal, happy life. Unlike Lauren, Jackson is painfully aware of his past, and he knows his fragile facade is in danger of crumbling. Except for the people who will be hurt, he’s ready for the charade to be over.

If you are a writer too, then you know  how we writers come to love our characters. We want only the good for them, but sadly, like all of us,  they must suffer the consequences of things in this world that we sometimes have no control over.