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Cover angst…

Here’s an update on the cover for my story ‘THE ROSE ARBOR’. Playing around with colors and different fonts is fun, but it’s alsoThe Rose Arbor #2 time consuming—and who has enough time? 🙂 This latest version is probably the one I’ll use…maybe? You can help me decide which has the most bang. I bumped up the color, added a tag line and included the “Coffee Break’ alert. ( Short story coming up! )

‘Coffee Break’ is supposed to  signify that what you are about to read is short. Very short—can be read in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. 

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see several low ratings ( 2 and 3 stars ) for another one of my short stories on Amazon. Readers were  complaining about the length of ‘Coffee Break’ story, Books, Beads and Baubles. I said pleasantly, because those reviewers seemed to like my characters and the writing—just not the length.

Tell me what you think about this second version for the cover. 🙂


I started this post with, ‘I worked in the studio all day…’ but it so felt not like work that I just couldn’t let that stand. So instead of calling it work, I’ll call it what it is. Fun. A delightful day of pushing paint around. Laughing and talking with Ruthy, my sister. She paints too. We share a studio ( hide-out ).Ist version of The Rose Arbor

She finished a painting and so did I. Well, I’ve still got to tickle mine a bit more. I did a whimsical painting of a rose arbor. The illustration for the cover of  my short story, THE ROSE ARBOR. A humorous story of a farmer who has an old bull that’s causing problems to the farmer’s neighbors.

How does that have anything to do with a rose arbor, you ask? Trust me it figures in! 🙂

As soon as I tweak the cover a bit more, I’ll share the story. Here’s a look at the first version of a cover—I’ll do several more before I settle on the final one. I thought I liked the faded side…but don’t think so now. What ‘chew’ think? 🙂

Have a wonderful day, put God in your plans, things will go better,