Meet Winslow

IF you’ve read TRESPASSING ON HIS HEART, you already know about Winslow. He’s Lauren’s feisty, but well mannered side-kick. I thought it would be fun to show you a couple of photos of Winslow. He’s a real live person—uh, character.

And just as the story goes, Winslow was rescued from a cemetery. Only it was in Oklahoma, not New York City. My sister Ruthy and I were placing fresh flowers on our parents gravesite when he dragged his mangy little body to where we worked, ( we were busy and didn’t notice him at first ) and looked up at us as if he knew we wouldn’t turn him away—and we didn’t, we couldn’t.

An old box we had in the car made a good bed. We tucked one of our extra work shirts into the box and placed him on it. A flying trip to the vet in town was just enough time for him to steal our hearts. And that’s how it happened to Lauren, too. ( She’s one of the main characters in the book. )

In about two weeks, with medication and lots of TLC Winslow was a handsome, blue-eyed fellow. I couldn’t bear to show you what he looked like when we found him.

Here’s what he looks like today. In the first photo he’s in the sunroom, toy in his mouth, begging to go out—there’s squirrels out there!


 Smile, and keep God in your plans,  . . . He cares 🙂



10 thoughts on “Meet Winslow

  1. roughwighting

    Oh, be still my hear. I miss my golden, and am trying so hard to not bring another dog into my life. But…does Winslow have a twin? 🙂 He is so lucky you rescued him – and you are so lucky he found a way into your lives.


  2. Mary J Hicks Post author

    Thank you—Winslow was in our lives for a short time—long enough to get him well and fit and settled in a good home. We spent $500, and the vet didn’t charge for everything he did for Winslow. That little guy made an impact on me. I plan to share that story . . . Thanks again! 🙂


    1. Jenny Sturgill

      I’m fine, trying to get the final touches on my book Against the Wind. It should be available on Amason soon.

      Yes, Winslow has the cutest face ever!! 🙂



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