Daily Archives: February 7, 2016

FEBRUARY . . . a time of change?


January is the time of year one normally thinks of change, but for me it’s the month after. I don’t claim to be normal.

Don’t you love the promise of a green spring peeking through the brown winter grass in the photo?:-)

By the time February skids in, I’ve had time to accept that another year is behind me, I’ve paid my taxes, and I’m ready to stop lamenting how swiftly time is passing. Here in Oklahoma the wind has already started blowing. Whatever happened to March being ‘the windy’ month? On the winds of February come allergies, battered Walmart bags and in my case, a fresh crop of weed seeds blown from the big pasture across from me.

But all is not bad—I have things to be happy about. I finished the second book in my VALLEY RIDGE ROMANCE series. Book number one, TRESPASSING ON HIS HEART is available here. The second book, LOVES TENDER HEART  will soon be available on Amazon. In the second book many changes occur in the lives of Lauren and Jackson Montgomery—can you guess what some of them are?

I learned a hard lesson on editing your own writing with my first book. This time around I sent my manuscript off for editing by people who do that as their line of work. 🙂

I just got my line edited manuscript back from RED ADEPT EDITING. And as my sister told someone, “She’s jumping-on-the-bed-happy with her edit.” Even though the pages are as red as the flag at a bull fight, I’m happy. Most of the suggested changes are minor, easy fixes that I’ll do and resubmit for the finishing polish, readying it for you, my readers.

The editor who was assigned to me is Angela McRae. After a phone consultation, part of the editing package I’d chosen, I felt as if I’d been to an extensive writers workshop. A business person myself for many years, I recognize good customer service when I receive it. In business I was a stickler for customer service above and beyond the expected. And that is the kind of service I have received from Red Adept Editing—and Angela McRae.

Many thanks to my friend, mystery writer, Danielle L. Davis, who recommended this great editing service.

Thanks to all who follow, read and otherwise share their time with me—time, the most precious gift we have to offer. 🙂

Keep God first in your plans—until next time, signing off with a 🙂