Daily Archives: January 31, 2017

January, oh where have you gone?

The christmas decorations remain piled in the garage, tissue paper and gift bags were put away only this past week, and January is … over?  Already!


My town is a bit blurry—it’s greatly enlarged!

And still my Christmas ‘pretend like’ village sets on the window sill above the kitchen sink … I’m struggling to give it up. Because, as I wash the dishes after meals, I enjoy looking at the collection of small buildings. And though my hands are washing up, I’m whisked away to a snowy, pine covered mountain far away from my brown lawn, and the Oklahoma wind … to my dream town. A place that offers everything I personally want and need in a town—except one major thing—church.

I find it odd that the world recognizes Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and some people go to church for the first time since last Christmas, yet I haven’t been able to find a tiny church to complete my favorite Christmas village. Have I just not looked in the right places? ( I confess, Walmart and Dollar stores ) Maybe I should check at Hallmark?

My pretend town has a  bookstore, a general store, coffee shop, and all the places I like to hang out, but no church. I’ve looked and will continue to keep an eye out for a tiny church to complete my perfect imaginary town … ( mine even has an art school! ) but for now, I really must pack it away and face the reality of February and the wind it brings.

But … can you believe—January is gone for another year!  😐

Take care, keep God first in your plans, and have a wonderful year!  🙂 🙂  MaryJ

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