Bored, what’s zat?

Take a lesson from this age—they’re never bored!

The other day I heard someone comment that they had too much time on their hands and was often lonely and bored. I tried to imagine what that might feel like. I gave the prospect some deep thought, and honestly, I can’t imagine what being bored must feel like.

But then, I suspect I’m easily entertained. Below are a few observations I’ve made.

Watching rain fall can be very satisfying, if you’ve never tried it. And grass doesn’t grow as slowly as you might think. My grass springs defiantly from the ground moments after the mower blades whack it. The clock speeds up as soon as I open a book—I know it does!

Time only drags while leaning on the counter waiting for coffee to brew, sitting at a red light, standing in line at Walmart, looking for Friday and when the electricity goes off. ( Oh yes, the last three weeks until baby is due seems like another three months! ) And the instant I go up-side down on the slant table the clock slows ( the phone rings, the caller asks if I’m getting a cold or something . . . I smile against gravity and insist that I’m just fine ). And time really does fly when you’re with good friends. Sunday afternoon is only two hours long, then Monday arrives again.

Boredom may just be a state of mind—that mind over matter thing. Maybe I am bored, but just find that entertaining, too. If boredom should strike at your door, try reading a good book or call a friend ( one you haven’t talked with in a while ).

Or. . .  consider it a welcome relief. Grab a glass of cold water and sit in the shade ( it’s been hot here! ) and watch the birds. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature ( if you live in the country ). City sounds can be just as interesting—and speaking of city sounds, is it just me, or did drivers use to honk at each other more? I don’t mean the nasty, impatient honking of ill manners, but the toot-toot of greeting. Small town streets used to be filled with that sound when I was a kid. But of course we didn’t have air-conditioning and the windows were down in summer time. I miss it. Sigh.

Does anybody else remember when we didn’t have air-conditioning in our cars, or that napping on the front porch was a common thing . . . I’m not only easily entertained, I’m easily distracted too. 🙂

Keep God in your daily schedule, you’ll be happier for it!

Until next time, Mary J 🙂



12 thoughts on “Bored, what’s zat?

  1. Marsha McDonald

    Morning, what are you doing on here so early!? LOL!!! Can’t wait to read your latest blog about boredom. I don’t know what that is, either!?



  2. Mary J Hicks Post author

    I know you don’t! Fortunately, most of the people I know are not familiar with that state of being! 🙂 I’ve been up since 4:30. 🙂 You didn’t read the post before commenting???? 🙂 Funny girl!


  3. Mary J Hicks Post author

    I’m working on the book, and I must say, it’s a fun story. Max Quinn is a very entertaining girl! If I could get several ‘boring’ days I could make some headway! 🙂


  4. Vickie Gamble

    Loved reading this. ….it’s like I could breathe it in … it gives calm and peace. Love you Aunt Mary.


  5. Jenny Sturgill

    Mare,sure did enjoy your post. I remember all the things you mentioned especially not having air conditioning. We pulled open the windows and let the breeze in. I remember going to bed with a magazine to fan with. I’d fall asleep fanning myself. I think about that these days in this hot spell were having now and thank God we have air conditioning now days. By the way our’s went out and we had to replace it to the tune of $7000.00. Oh well, we went 3 days without it and it was awful. I guess back when we didn’t have air conditioning we got used to it. 🙂


  6. Mary J Hicks Post author

    Ohh, Jenny—so sorry to hear about the air conditioning expense! But shelling out that much to get it replaced proves we don’t want to be without it! The last three summers I’ve held my breath over my old unit. 🙂


  7. Sandy Duvall

    I love reading blogs from an entertaining author! like you. I don’t get bored, maybe because I am not often caught up. I like to piddle to much. Enjoyed!


  8. Mary J Hicks Post author

    Piddling is entertaining! I enjoy it too. I don’t recall you ever being bored—maybe in trouble, but never bored! 🙂 I think I’ve been in trouble with you a few times—and wasn’t it fun? 🙂



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