Life Is Good

Tea time with Haven . . .

. . . and a few minutes with the cats. Where does the time go?

Life is good, even though I’ve been behind since Christmas day. My ‘Monthly’ post is several months late . . . ‘So sorry I’m late’, has become the normal greeting I mumble when I arrive wherever I’m supposed to be. I used to never be late—and I’m not happy with me.

So I wonder, is it just me slowing down? Maybe, but things hinder me from getting out the door on time and from sitting at the computer to write. Things being a glance out the window and seeing a foot tall dandelion that wasn’t there the day before. I’m compelled to pause and marvel at how fast weeds grow with a sprinkle of rain and a shot of sunshine . . . the yellow flower is pretty, and the time  spent admiring the intricate design of it wasn’t wasted, knowing who its creator was . . . and I stop to peek in on the little Wren who’s back this spring and working hard to refurbish last years nursery for her new babies . . .

How quickly we’ve gone from Christmas to springtime, from huddling inside a warm shelter to spending as much time outdoors as possible. Life is good—which reminds me of a brand of ladies casual clothing and bags, it’s called, ‘Life Is Good’. I can’t help myself from buying T-shirts and totes that proclaim that good message—and although I’m not into wearing clothes with writing on them, I make an exception for the Life Is Good brand.

Life is good—and I cling to the hope of someday managing my hours and moments better—but it will have to be in figuring out how to do more in less time, because I simply can’t stop noticing and enjoying the small details of the world I live in—not with the many harsh realities vying for attention every hour of the day. If any of you have suggestions ( easy ones! ) that might help me, please feel free to share. 🙂

Happy springtime to all you other nature lovers—let’s ignore those weeds and watch the birds!

Until next time keep God in your plansHe cares!         MaryJ 🙂 🙂 🙂





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