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Is It Progress-really?

When I find something I really like and it works for me ( especially in ladies underwear ) I’m tempted to buy the thing in bulk because I know when I go back in several months or several years the product has been so improved and updated until it’s not even the same thing anymore.

When I lament this fact to the sales person. She shrugs, “Yeah, that’s progress.”

Hmm, progress. Sometimes I wonder. Thinking about progress and some we’ve made in the last thirty years—and I agree there’s something to be said for improvement and convenience. I like a mustard bottle that stands on the lid and you don’t have to bang it against the counter to get the last of the mustard. I like the way Folger’s re-designed their old tin container into a plastic one with that handy built in grip—and kids shoes with Velcro instead of strings are so quick and easy, I could go on…

But some things have gone by the way that are more important than underclothes, mustard, coffee containers and shoe laces.

Real things. Like dressing up for special events—girls don’t dress up like they used to. When I was a child we had play clothes, (practically rags in many cases ) school clothes and then church clothes. Today Jeans and T-shirts seem to fit the bill for everything. They can be seen everywhere, even in church. I suppose that’s progress, too.

But recently a good friend brought back fun memories when she held a tea party for some special young friends of hers. Tea parties, in my opinion, were, are, and always will be the ultimate in girl fun—especially when everyone dresses for the occasion. Sadly, I don’t hear of little girls going to tea parties often these days, so this was really a special event. Party dresses were complete with hats, gloves and pearls.

I understand that those attending the party ( so colorful! ) tried different teas, had wonderful pastries and did some serious chatting about good manners and etiquette for fine young ladies—sigh—wish we could have all been there.

I so much enjoyed the photos taken at the party that I begged for a few to share with you.  Thank you, Treva Lalli, for sharing the fun with us!


Yum, yum, looks like a tea party feast, and the table decor was fit for a queen.


And every girl knows to take one last peek in the mirror to be sure everything is perfect . . .


Mirror, mirror on the wall…each and every girl was the most beautiful of all!

A little bird told me the party was a huge success! Is this progress—a returning of the old southern tradition of tea parties? I can hope . . . makes me long for a revival of times past—but I’ll still keep my jeans and big shirts too. 🙂

Till next time keep God in your plans—He’s always interested in what we’re doing. . .

Mary 🙂 🙂 🙂