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Thinking Out Loud . . .

Have you hurried from one room to another only to screech to a stop trying to remember what you hurried there for? Just recently I did that and as I stood racking my brain, the thought crossed my mind that I could really use several more hours in the day.

If I had twenty-six hours a day, I’d still have twenty-four hours to get things done after wasting two hours on looking for things and trying to remember what I was looking for. So, is it fair that busy productive people are not given a few reward hours for using their time wisely? Think about it, does a time-waster really need, or even want more time in his or her day?

Bad thing is, with more time, a busy person might only try to cram more activities into the reward-hours. Us humans are kinda wired that way . . . give us an inch and we’ll take a yard . . . think of all that would get thrown out of sync if some folks were given two extra hours every day. It would be like Texas and Oklahoma on different daylight savings time—I think of this example because I live in Oklahoma right across the Texas border—I could leave my home one hour late for an appointment in Texas and still get there on time.

Leaving late to work and appointments and not having to apologize for being late because I wouldn’t be late could take some getting used to . . . ah, there’s where that phones been hiding!

Finding what I was looking for puts me back in real time and my mind clears. I really don’t wan’t two more hours in my day. It was only a mind game to play while my eyes searched for the phone. Actually, this world I live in and the way it works is completely to my liking. I know the master planner who created it and when he finished, scripture says he saw that it was good.

I confess, sometimes when I’m doing creative thinking, I feel like I may be just wasting time. But quite often I do the painting in my head before I ever pick up a brush. When I do that, the actual painting usually goes much better and faster—that painting in my head is part of my work—I need that time. And sometimes as I pull weeds in the yard, I’m also working on the next chapter of my book. Knowing my time allotment, I budget it pretty much as I do money. A big slice of my twenty-four hours goes to serious work, ( serious work is taking care of daily life cares ) then a portion to family and charity—leaving a bit for myself for fellowship with friends—and to do some creative thinking.

Time is like money, they can both be budgeted so neither is wasted. A good example of not wasting was when Jesus had the leftovers of fish and bread gathered up after he fed the thousands—even though it was easy for him to provide the food, he didn’t waste the remnants. Jesus clearly didn’t have the mindset of “Easy come, easy go.” And he often went into a garden alone to pray—and maybe do some creative thinking? I like to think so.

Sometimes we all need to be in the garden alone . . . and I’m convinced it’s not time wasted, but time very well spent.

Thanks for spending some of your time with me . . . until next time be happy, eat well, and keep God in your plans—He cares! 🙂 🙂 🙂 MaryJ

Susan, at the Dallas Arboretum.