Walking on Water. . . ?

Sharing a photo I shot through my glass door, not good, but the streak of color drew me to to it.

My last post about the story of Peter walking on water, sparked a long, interesting conversation with my daughter, Gayle. But, before I forget, I want to thank a dear and loyal friend for pointing out that I used the wrong word for those beautiful, wild deer that run across the road in front of me. When I typed the word ‘dear’ a distant ding sounded in my subconscious, but in the throes of thinking, I kept on writing. I used the word for my dear friends that help edit my posts. Thank you, Treva Lolli, for the edit!

Thankfully my readership knows I’m a writer, not an editor. They are a patient and forgiving bunch.

On to the conversation with daughter, Gayle. We discussed the story throughly and one point we wondered about was why Jesus allowed Peter to start sinking once he had bid him come … ( remember from last post that Peter didn’t start to sink until he took his eyes off Jesus, and lost his focus ) Peter had to ask for the Lord’s help before he was saved. But scripture says Jesus reached out immediately when Peter called, “Lord save me!” He didn’t wait until Peter sank to the bottom and then pull him up sputtering and coughing, but immediately. Neither did Jesus laugh and say, “What made you think you could walk on water?”

Peter could have walked on water once the Lord said, “Come.”

Our conversation made me think of when my children were growing up. I was afraid for them on every turn. I knew the pitfalls and dangers. And being a concerned mother, I tried to reach out and save them before they had a chance to see and recognize danger and bad choices. Jesus never did that to his followers, and the Lord doesn’t do that to us today. We are free agents. He left us a complete and comprehensive guide book. All we have to do is keep our eyes on Him and ask for his help.

God bless our nation! May each of us do our part to keep our country great. Share your dreams and concerns with the Lord, he cares about you.    Until next time, MaryJ 🙂 🙂 🙂

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