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Christmas Decorating … Less Is Good Too

Christmas trees are beautiful, even when standing on a tree lot for sale, or at a tree farm and when growing in the wild—-especially growing in the wild. I’ve always enjoyed painting trees in snow. I guess it reminds me of Christmas, because we always went into the woods and cut our tree. My husband and I cut our very first tree from the woods on his parents property.

Adding colorful, shiny balls and other traditional Christmas ornaments makes a christmas tree even more beautiful, but, one of my fondest memories was standing at a window and watching for my big brother, Kenneth, and my sister Floys ( the tomboy ) as they emerged from the thick woods several hundred feet beyond our house, dragging our Christmas tree home. When I spotted them with that huge cedar tree ( it took both of them to pull it across the snow covered field to our house ) I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such Christmas joy and excitement since that moment. That plain tree, with no decorations, couldn’t have been any more beautiful.

Hey, I was seven. The vision of that tree in the snow left an impression … the smell of cedar, the cold crisp air that swept into the house along with the tree … my minds picture of it is as clear today as it was that day. I always think of that tree every year as I began to decorate. And decorate I used to—every room in the house. From the time the children were small and right up until they become teens and so on for many years.

Regretfully, the years have changed things——and I shouldn’t even say ‘regretfully,’ for change is the way of life and nature. I only decorate a little now, a candle here, a candle there, some colorful balls in a crystal bowl and bits of greenery from the outdoors.

So, Christmas has changed at my house, but, so have I. 🙂

And as you can see, I still love Christmas, and I still have fun. In the photos I’m enjoying  the  season  at  Sundance  Square,  Fort  Worth, Texas.  I  even managed a  word  with  Santa!  🙂

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, safe New Year!  Keep God in your heart and in your plans.  He  cares.

Until next time, MaryJ 🙂 🙂 🙂