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Are You A Pivot Person?

Its Been So Long I Feel Like a stranger Here. But time flies when you’re having fun. And I’ve been having fun this summer. 🙂

But, fun aside, I decided to clear out some of the books that clutter my study ( my studio, my bedroom, and every other room in my house ). Since I sell books from my booth at AMELIA’S ATTIC ANTIQUES, it only makes sense to dispose of them there.

In the chore of gathering the ones I might be able to part with, I began thumbing through the third book I pulled out. The title still intrigued me as it did twenty something years ago when I acquired it. It’s really not a book, just a binder with metal posts that holds monthly newsletters that were distributed to employees as an encouragement to work at their best and as a team. 

I found this publication in Archer City, Texas, in a bookstore owned by famous author, Larry McMurtry ( Lonesome Dove among many other of his titles ). He turned the small town where he was born into a ‘bookstore town’. I could spend days there . . . sigh.

‘Constructive Talks To Pivot Men’. Now isn’t that an interesting title? I paid several dollars for the book back when, and it is now listed on Ebay between $50 and $65 dollars. Hmm, I could make a little profit.

But as I leafed through the pages, I realized that the information was as relevant today as it was when it was published in 1925. I sat down and began to read, then the thought crossed my mind—I can’t sell this book! I want to share it. I think anyone benefits by taking a step back into time now and then. I sure do.

With the trusty ole’ IPhone, I  took pics to share some of the topics. I love the illustrations too!



A Pivot Man ( or woman ) is someone who instigates a turning point, one who makes a difference in a constructive way . . . this works in any business, school, church group or other public gatherings where team work is vital to the good of all the people concerned.

All Pivot Persons— move forward! 🙂 

Until next time, stay cool, eat healthy and keep God in your plans! 🙂 🙂 🙂 MaryJ