Dead Dog Days of Summer

About this time every year when summer’s end is in sight and autumn’s return hangs in the air, my inner being stirs to the excitement of change. I love it.

The fall season is my very favorite time of the year—at the first hint of it in the air, I breathe renewal—but the feeling is fleeting, so, before the flash of renewal is gone in a blink, I celebrate by doing something fun that I’ve known I would do when the time was exactly right.

When I ran across the photo of an old barn I’d made several years ago, I knew that now was the time to record it on canvas.

I noticed this building every time I went by it, and I photographed it numerous times in different seasons of the year. Every time I would run across this particular photo, the image of a finished painting flashed on my vision.

When that happens, especially after  I haven’t seen the photo in a while, I know the subject is calling to be painted.

The sky was soft, almost overcast, the day outside the city limits of Weatherford, Texas, when I snapped the image of this faded red barn. I wanted to keep that look and feel in the painting—you be the judge if I succeeded or not.

Soft Skies Over Texas                                                            12×12 Oil on canvas


Signing off till’ next time—keep God in your plans and have peace of mind. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mary J

P. S. Look for new paintings and other fun art objects at AMELIA’S ATTIC in Gainesville, Texas.









Published by

Mary J Hicks

Mary writes clean contemporary woman's fiction, and is a photographer and oil painter. She lives in rural Oklahoma in the Red River Valley. The beautiful countryside of the area gives Mary the inspiration for all three of her favorite occupations. "I blog here to share photographs, paintings and stories I create. Thank you for stopping by and please come again. Have a wonderful day, and keep God in your plans."

6 thoughts on “Dead Dog Days of Summer”

  1. You got it, Mare. What a nice painting, I especially love those tree trunks!? You do some really pretty landscapes – I’m jealous!!! ((:
    And yes, Autumn is already in the air, even though it’s still hot here. I am noticing it in very subtle ways. I feel sorry for people who are not sensitive to nature, or don’t take the time to notice.


    1. Thank you, Marsha! And you have no reason to be jealous of my landscapes—and you are not—but that was a sweet thing to say. 🙂 We are lucky to be ‘nature’ people who feel the changes of the seasons in our bones. Pumpkin time is just around the corner! 🙂


  2. I like fall too, the crisp breeze, the colors, and the festivals. All those wonderful things that make up the season. Loved the painting and your post. You are so talented and such an inspiration. Take care.


    1. It seems there are more people who prefer the fall more than any other season. Thanks for the nice comment, Jenny. I’m sure you will have a beautiful autumn up where you live—enjoy every moment of it! 🙂


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