Just this morning . . .

I stepped outside to the smell of fall. A smell that raised my nose to sniff the air like a trained bloodhound. Only the keenest of noses ( like mine ) knows when summer turns the corner. I love smelling fall in the air, it puts me to thinking . . .

Wouldn’t it be something if we could smell, or feel when changes were about to take place in our lives as in the seasons? If one morning I shivered, rubbed my arms and said, “This is the day I win the lottery—the smell and feel of it is in the air!” ( That would be nice ) Or that a large painting I did three years ago was going to sell later in the afternoon? That would be nice too . . . but . . .

What if I could feel when there was going to be an accident on the way to the bank, or that the dog would run away and the freezer would go on the blink . . . hmm . . . talk about hiding under the bed twenty-four seven.

The changing of seasons is a natural thing, nothing to stress about when signs of it start happening. Some enjoy seasonal changes, others dread it depending on which weather conditions are preferred ( fall is my choice ). I feed the cat, smell the air once more and step back inside, thinking . . .

 It’s probably good that life plays out the way it does—unfolding by the hour, day by day with me not knowing everything that lies ahead. Probably? In Genesis I read that after each day of creation God looked and saw that it was good. Well, no wonder . . .

But I do like it when I wake with an unexplainable feeling of excitement, an anticipation of what the day may bring. Like this morning—I find the arrival of fall exciting. So, okay, I’m excited by small things.

What excites you in the mornings? I challenge you to name something . . .

MaryJ . . . bye until next time, and  keep God in your plans—things just go better. 🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Just this morning . . .

  1. Anonymous

    I love how thought provoking your posts are, I have missed seeing your posts, so I am so glad that I woke up this morning and saw one from you! Please keep it up! We all enjoy hearing such wonderful and thought provoking reminders! Thank you once again!



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