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Leaning on The Rail.

me - Version 2

How often do we find ourselves leaning on a fence rail, or looking out the window, maybe even sitting on the patio and taking a break. Any of those places provide a perfect place and time to wonder about things. Things like the future, the scenery before us, or more likely, a task that’s proving difficult to get finished.

Or maybe we’re just . . . leaning on the rail.

Every time I see this photo, I focus on the dreamy quality of the setting. The model’s seemingly relaxed gaze across the beautiful fall landscape could be misleading. The scene might make me wonder what interesting thoughts this person would be having in this serene setting.

  • I can picture a sadness because she’s waiting for someone who may not return.
  • I can see a woman walking to a neighbor’s house and paused to enjoy the smell of fall. She’ll describe it to her friend later.
  • I can see an artist searching for the perfect spot to paint from. There’s so much to choose from!

Only, I know the model, and her thoughts were none of the above.

My sister and I had been to an auction, and we were both very tired. But I had my camera with me—and I love old falling down fences with peeling paint. Especially old fences with rustic red peeling paint.

I made Ruth, my sister, go stand by the fence. She complained that she looked awful and she didn’t want her picture made. She didn’t look awful, but I compromised and said she could stand with her back to me—I just wanted a figure by the fence.

My point is that many times what a thing looks like and what it actually is, can be worlds apart. The next time an image makes you wonder what’s going on in the scene, pause for a moment, and try to imagine three completely different scenarios to fit the image.

It’s fun. And for the writer it stirs the imagination.

I was pretty sure that what Ruthy was thinking was far different from the dreamy image I wanted to depict to my viewers.

I hurried the shot. 🙂

Until next time,

Mare 🙂

Keep God first in your plans, things work out better.